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6140 1/2 N. Clark St. Unit 2
Chicago, IL. 60660
United States of America

About Swan & Goose Workshop


About the project:
Swan & Goose Workshop is the current artistic work of art maker E. Robin Magsino. The term "Workshop" is used in the title as it is a fluid project title that allows for a creative change in the subject matter and even the mediums when desired. The choice of Swan & Goose as our animal representation for the fact that they are animals that are praised very differently in their beauty but inhabit similar behaviors and body type. In nature, many life forms are dismissed by humans as ugly or not as worth wild as other life forms. Swan & Goose Workshops hopes to question that thought process in humans by showing a vast representation of scientific pieces organic or man made. 
About the art maker:

E. Robin Magsino(nee Poppert) is a Maryland transplant living in the city that invented skyscrapers and elevators, Chicago. She is formally taught in mixed media fine arts. Also, has had a long career working with wildlife and animals(both domesticated animals and wild animals). She was raised with a cup of tea, a good book, and yearning to make bread and pastries. Robin has a strong affinity for punk music (proto-punk specifically), b-movies and classic films.  Favorite record: Telstar by The Tornados.
The mushrooms:

In 2008, Robin and her then boyfriend now husband Rhodrick were working on a project called Little Brass Bird in a tiny studio apartment. She had come to learn of his love of mushrooms, she also, in fact, grew up with mushroom themed bathroom. Hiding them under their bed she managed to surprise them with what they call the original six. Six mushrooms created in felt housed in jars as "preserved" specimens. In 2014, they created a series of mushrooms they presented at C2E2 for Little Brass Bird. Following the convention Little Brass Bird dissolved as they wanted to focus on new projects. Rhodrick focused on designing tabletop games and new sound engineering projects and Robin took her process of mushroom making to develop Swan & Goose Workshop. Rhodrick's favorite record: Closing Time by Tom Waits.

The adult coloring books:

In her youth she was told by a coworker that the friend's mother a school nurse kept coloring books for teachers to relax with. That led her to create a coloring book for staff members. Almost 15 years later and after a major life change Robin needed a way to focus her energy into something positive. She picked up a old favorite in terms of materials, ink and dip pen and begun to draw animals and patterns.  This soon elevated to working by country to find animals and textures that represent 40 countries. The trend of adult coloring was in full effect by then so a coloring book the pages were destined to be... two years later. Through ups and downs she was able to self publish the book and now is on to the next along with more in mind.

goliathbeetleugandanew copy.jpg


Lastly and most important:

Robin and Rhodrick live with three amazing cats. To learn more about them please click on the link.